The internet of everything has arrived.

IoT continues to gain tremendous momentum, and even more organizational interest, to the tune of multi-million dollar investments. Companies like Samsung, Google, Ford, GE, and more have made tremendous organizational shifts, in order to fully understand and contribute markedly to what many are calling the next big technological revolution.

It’s both exciting and surreal. Exciting because of the potential to create intelligent environments. And surreal because many people still don’t know what IoT is, what it means, and why it’s important to them. And it’s this very mystery of IoT that should guide the next wave of IoT experiences.

At SOMO we are embracing this challenge. We are focused on the need to shift the conversation to include people — and the experiences they will engage with. But we won't solve it alone. It's a conversation that many of us will need to perpetuate. Roles and responsibilities are shifting because of this new revolution. We plan to be a part of that!



Our IoT and connected objects services include:

Landscape Assessment
It's important to understand the library of products that may exist to your users, and what role you will play in that ecosystem.

A Connected Strategy
It's proven that people are less concerned with brands and products, and more focused on an inclusive experience. Our focus is to ensure that your product works seamlessly within this experience.

Experience Design
Combing UX and UI, our Experience Designers ensure that they build an experience that is meaningful to your audience and your brand.


*The below illustrations are simply an example of an exploration done by SOMO. We are exploring the driver ecosystem of connected objects. It's how we approach solving problems that make our clients, and their products, more meaningful to their customers.


Let's forge this new frontier together.

If you're in need of a partner well-versed in understanding people, and the nuances of building digital experiences, then we should talk! We're ready to dive more deeply into this space.