SOMO Imagineers are a determined collective of experience designers, strategists, and marketers; all passionately focused on the needs of our clients and the expectations of theirs. 


In parallel with the upcoming debut of feature film, HIDDEN FIGURES, SOMO partnered with PepsiCo, 21st Century Fox, and Cataboom to launch The Search for Hidden Figures.


Our work

While SOMO is still in our infancy, we have been very fortunate to partner with some great brands, and more importantly, great people. Our strength is in the digital space, as we encompass the full breath of digital marketing services. However our portfolio does reflect a sampling of interactive, branding & print pieces. We're excited to continue to grow and to offer more to our clients!

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“Don't accept good for excellent.”

— Jim Yurchenco, IDEO




Marketing Has Gotten So Generic That It's Boring. But There's Hope!

I'm sitting at the Digital Summit in Dallas this week and it occurred to me that we, as marketers, have developed a marketing approach that is killing creativity.

Now I'm not saying that we were wrong many years ago when we turned to science and data to help validate our creative. I'm just saying that it is now officially out of hand!

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