The activation of a brand can be daunting. But when done right, can also be unforgettable!

Which is why creating a uniquely immersive branded space is the key to any successful event. At SOMO (in partnership with R2), we can create the simplest pop-up, modular display, or a more in-depth experience that integrates an immersive digital narrative. Whatever the case, our commitment is to build an environment that resonates with your audience and that extends beyond the event. We believe that a truly successful event should simply be the starting point to any brand engagement.


Our event marketing services include:

Portable Displays
Lightweight and easily transportable.

Modular Components
Can be configured in a number of ways and can be customized to match your brand.

Custom Solutions
This is for those who dream big! Our custom designs are carefully crafted and can even include an immersive digital component.


Who we've done it for.


“I was very happy with the way the demo turned out!
It worked as intended, both as a way to draw attention and as a vehicle to get our messages across.”

— S.S.

Academic Partnerships

“It was a great experience. The professionalism and creativity was excellent. I greatly appreciate the constant updates and prompt replies to our questions.”

— R.M.



Need to stand out in a sea of booths?

Well, of course you do! We're happy to help define a strategy, and the creative, to do just that.