Brands succeed when they connect people.

There's a misconception that brands only find success when they create profound connections with their audience. The truth is that brands are more often losing complete control and ownership of their brands, as their audience takes a more dominant position.  Which means, that a brand is more than a brand system. Frankly, it starts with an experience and it’s our charge to ensure that every experience thereafter is positive, meaningful, and memorable. For us, your brand becomes ours. Your promise becomes our inspiration. Which ultimately drives our strategy and informs the activation of your brand.


Our branding services include:

Brand Strategy
Our Brand Strategy initiative is where we define the fundamental principles that will form the Brand Position, Brand Vision, and Brand Purpose.

Branding Systems
Bringing the vision of the brand to life is what comprises the design system; including logo, typography, messaging, color palettes, and more.


Who we've done it for.

Defakto Group
Texas Neuropsychology Group

“When we started our private practice, we were looking for a partner that would take the time to understand our purpose and drive, SOMO did just that and more. They've positioned us for now, and more importantly, for tomorrow.”

— G.J.


“Activating Strengths Finder (via Strengths Live) proved to be a daunting task. One that SOMO was prepared to take on. By way of in depth strategic investigation and an overwhelming amount of identity explorations!”

— S.O.


Your new brand is waiting!

If you'd like to chat with us about how your brand might evolve, or maybe even come to life for the first time, we'd love to be a part of that.