Infusing Wearables with Living Organisms

Maybe that title sounds a little gross; or, at the very least, a bit confusing. But the reality is that Wearables and the Internet of Things are a large playground that seem to be a limitless platform for new ideas and new realities.

As the momentum continues to build within the technologies that are fueling both, we have very specifically focused on just that — technology. Frankly, most discussions I have with people in regards to IoT, think it's all a bit too AI. Maybe robotic. Certainly, not organic.

Then things got a bit more interesting when I came across the MUSHTARI. The MUSHTARI opens the door of possibilities, realizing that intelligent wearables don't simply have to be a series of digits that are translated into data housed in a database somewhere. Instead, MUSHTARI is taking the most simplest of evolutions as they look towards science and the biological process.

This exploration is being done by the people at Mediated Matter, in partnership with Stratasys, looking to find a way to design a wearable that leverages relationships between the most primitive and the most sophisticated life forms — us.

They explored this through the creation of MUSHTARI. A wearable that is designed to function as a microbial factory that uses synthetic biology to convert sunlight into useful products for the wearer.

Incredible to think that in the very near future, each of us may have the ability to carry a self-sustaining ecosystem that might just inspire us to explore and expand our own comfortable environments.