The Evolution of Retailing

As the retailing industry continues to evolve, it's obvious that consumers are becoming more demanding and more autonomous. Our shopping experiences are now readily available to us at any moment, and we expect to control the experience as much as possible.

But there are some shopping dynamics that still exist that we accept — if only because there are no better options. 

Things like pulling items from the shelf and still having to head into the dressing room to ensure that you aren't under or overestimating your size. Or, dragging that damn shopping cart around the grocery store, only to navigate through and around people who have no concept of space!

The good news is that these dynamics are slowly beginning to shift as the Internet of Things continues to open the door to new ideas. One of those ideas was unveiled this week at Adobe's 'Store of the Future' in Vegas. In a partnership with Twyst, Adobe has unveiled a shopping experience that takes the 'waiting in line to pay' component out of the equation. The Twyst connected bag is now capable of both identifying items that are placed in the bag, AND processing payment as the shopper leaves the store. No more waiting in line to scan and pay!

Ingenious! One of those, 'why didn't we think of this sooner' moments. And, while the experience is promising to get easier for consumers, the opportunities for retailers is quite incredible. With this new technology, retailers will have an unthinkable view into shopper buying habits like never before!

The life of personalization is only about to get better and better.