The Lost Art of Imagining

As the proud dad of two young children, I'm constantly amazed and inspired by the way they see and interpret our world. The newness of things still causes elements of surprise that inspire the types of reactions that I very rarely encounter as an adult. And, I dearly miss it!

Childhood not only affords us this constant newness, but it also gives us a freedom to express ourselves in ways that are unique and imaginative. And as we grow up, it seems that this freedom slowly begins to die. We find a comfort zone and a practicality that unconsciously stymies our creative thinking. Suddenly we all dress the same. We talk the same. We act the same. Sameness prevails! And, for the few that seem to honor the childhood spirit, we label them weird, at best. Maybe they are eccentric outliers that never fit in. And it's this very perception that takes away the confidence that we once had to be whatever we wanted. To see things however made sense.

And there goes our ability to imagine...

For me, being in a world surrounded by creatives, I've seen way too many times the challenges that kill imagination. At times we've blamed our boundaries on external forces. Maybe the consumer that we were targeting just wasn't savvy enough. Or, maybe a client wasn't adventurous enough to see our vision. And, then there were the old days when technology just wasn't there.

But those were indeed the old days. A movement is underway. And it is one that is invigorating creative thinkers in new ways. Pockets of imagineers are popping up all over the world. Whether a small agency in Berlin that removes labels from roles and instead encourages cross-agency collaboration. They have truly embraced the notion that great ideas come from everywhere and everyone. Or a smaller agency in Montreal who has a team of creative thinkers that dedicate personal time out of their long work day to bring ideas to life in tangible ways. This agency is building customer experiences that leverage creative thinking across all disciplines; leaning heavily on defining new technologies.

Which brings me to why we are launching SOMO imagineers. This community of thinkers is not intending to ever share the answer; because it is difficult to define an answer when the question continues to evolve. SOMO will instead be a place to find inspiration. We will reach out to our community of friends and colleagues. Those that we esteem as unique thinkers. Those that refuse to settle for the same 'ol same 'ol. And we will all come together to challenge the expected and to tap back into our inner child — the one that saw newness in everything.

Let imagination prevail once again!