About Us

SOMO imagineers are a collective of professionals who have spent many years passionately empathizing with our users and their needs. Users who have become more and more attuned to the digital experiences they encounter, understanding that their lives must be enhanced by those — not hindered.

This evolution of expectation did not come quickly, but it has arrived with an emphatic bang! Which means that now, more than ever, our role as user advocates has become more urgent.

With SOMO, we are now looking even more critically at the digital environment. A connected future is here, and at the moment it is one driven by a wonderful suite of technologies, like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Connected Objects. But, the lens is shifting, and as some IoT ventures fail and/or struggle, the focus is now on understanding the connection of people...their empowerment...and, ultimately, their facilitation of a proactive life BECAUSE of the Internet of Things.

Our commitment is to the user. We are a determined collective of strategists, UX and UI designers, researchers and simply realist, that understand the importance of engaging people in ways that resonate profoundly and that catalyze change. 

We are in many ways paving a new way for us, as most of us have grown up in the traditional digital marketing agency model. But with this comes an incredible excitement and drive to help shape the connected future. But we won't do it alone.

We are inspired. We are thinkers. And, we are creators.